May 25 Update - Host Family Housing is No Longer Available!

We are still evaluating whether the COVID-19 situation will allow Host Families at all this year, but in any case, we have already received more requests than host families, so as of May 25, we will no longer accept host family requests. For those already submitting a request, we will inform you in early June if there are families still willing to host. We apologize for the limited number of options, and the uncertainty around what is usually one of our most beloved amenities.

If you requested a Host Family when you registered, and are still interested in that option, please confirm your continued interest via email to

  • Alexis Florio; Columbia University Women’s Golf Class of ‘22
    One of the best parts of the week was staying with a host family, who made me feel like one of their own. Many members live close to the golf course so it is a great option and they all made me feel like I was a part of their community. Golf is a game that brings people together and that was evident at The Donna!
    Alexis Florio; Columbia University Women’s Golf Class of ‘22

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